The expanse of my work is spreading out like the wings of a bird who, is not although new to the sky but is now on the lookout of exploring the infinity. Yes, recently I had the opportunity of taking a trip to Japan that opened new avenues not only for my company but on individual front too. This newest assignment brought along with it a new-fangled expertise in my Project Management, something that I immensely enjoy. A3Logics gave me a pedestal embedded in, that is my work profile. In-house training and education rallies round mounting profound skill sets. But the undeniable fact is that there is no better educator than experience itself.

My words are dying to sketch upon the trips brilliance. While I took my flight to Japan I actually had butterflies in my stomach as it was my first trip that I was taking where I was all on my own and that too with my shoulders tied with the responsibility of correct task execution. I boarded the flight and as it flew among the clouds I could feel my heart to my mouth because I was approaching my destination. The plane touched the runway and all the passengers experienced a smooth landing. To avoid any trouble navigating my way to the hotel where I was reserved for the next few days, I found my escort with a placard that read my name in loud black. Completely exhausted with travelling I thought of starting out afresh with daybreak. But to my surprise the escort left me at the hotel to munch some supper snacks, to return after 2hours, to take me to the office after that. It was 4 in the evening and as I tried to unwind myself in that limited but scarce time I rushed down my meal and took a power nap of 30 minutes to pull in my strength for the work ahead. Time sublimed away like camphor and the meeting time arrived. A lot of discussion this way and that way and finally the conversation started synchronizing. The meeting was called off for the day. The next 14 days went completely wrapped up in work. When did the sun set and when did the moon came in to say hello, I didn’t know? A lot of brand new experiences were falling in my lap; there freshness witnessed followed with these business meetings.

Amidst all, new bonds did build up paving way for great business ties ahead. As the sun went down on the 14th night it left behind a trail of enriching experiences, best of business that I had gathered for my company, some moments that I could keep as memoirs for home coming and much more. Fifteenth was the departure day when I boarded my flight to India. My escort fashioned his final job pertaining to me with perfection as Japanese are known for it. While resting in my plane chair I took to the rewind gear of time. 15 days back and now had brought a big change to my company’s business and to me individually too. The butterflies in my stomach had transformed to a happy & confident feel that touched upon my personality in 360 degrees. Home coming was indeed a special sentiment but all in all, the entire trip was more than just satisfying. Although my travel case is sheltered with dust lying in the loft, the memories remain fresh as they were when they actually occurred.

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