After the orkut debacle, a newer and improvised version of social networking was bound to come from the Google camp. The latest version is all set to take on facebook and though the wait has been long, the end result is worth a mention. The product which has been delayed time and again has finally arrived. The best part about Google plus is that it is planning to turn the search engine into a giant social network vis a vis its highest grocer

The familiar grey strip at the top of every Google page has been changed into black and has the new option of accessing your Google plus profile. You can also see your notifications directly.

Although at the first look Google plus looks like any other social networking, it has many niche features of its own.
One of this is Google plus circles. The focus of this social networking is not on sharing information with all the friends. It will target small circles of friends. You will decide, which information to share in which circle of friends. It is up to the user to choose his circle of friends and get started on Google plus. Hence, information sharing can be controlled and segregated. In simple words, there is no scope of prying over by parents and siblings. HTML5 allows users to drag-and-drop their friends into different social circles for friends, family, classmates, co-workers and other custom groups conveniently.

The multimedia section is also worth a mention here. Google+ includes an image editor for editing photo effects, privacy options and sharing features. The photo tab takes a user to all the photos he has shared, as well as the ones he is tagged in.

The option for video chat is one of the most interesting and appealing section of Google Plus. It is given the name of a HANGOUT. It is a way to create your own custom video chat room. You can spread the word that you have started a hangout through your circles. Anybody from the circles wanting to come can join the hangout.
Another option is that of SPARKS to find the appropriate web content. You have to set your own sparks and Google plus will periodically find you relevant content which might be appealing to you. The utility of this feature, however, has to be tested with usage.

There is also a feature for mobile texting through which you san send group messages. It is called HUDDLES. You have the option of choosing multiples people in a text message conversation.

With all these new and innovative features, the new product from google is quite refreshing. However, it will still take a long time for it to be at par with facebook. Therefore I will conclude by saying that Google plus still has miles to go before it is able to realise all its unrealistic dreams.

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