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Today’s time calls for selling oneself in the greatest grandeurs ever. But as we are engrossed in marketing ourselves we are enveloped with clouds of nervousness. Especially during the interview process we tend to bend to the nervous road. Now this tense texture also has various ways of handling and overcoming it. Some of us ease down; try to take the calm road but on the other hand some talk too much on such…
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Have you heard of the sister of super sonic speed? No, or is this question confusing you? Well if it is, then let’s check out the answer before it eats up a big chunk of your thinking compartment. Exponential increase in the mobile technology answers your curiosity. Yes, we are talking about the cell phone technology that has gained a super duper speed with every nanosecond. All the above illustrates that…
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Service oriented architecture has gained more popularity with its acronym SOA. But have we ever submerged ourselves a little deep in order to split the basic questions in which everyone gets entwined. Is SOA a product or a Technology? Neither it is a technology and definitely not a product. It is a computing methodology that endows with a strategy to architect your IT milieu to respond speedily & cost effectively for business transformation. Or…
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Did you hear of what I said just a second ago. Yes, I am asking you all, have you? “Living for the moment”. Many say we do even when they actually don’t do. Do you have a habit of swinging between the past and the future? Or rather you like indulging in the past and in the future thoughts rather than the present? What does all this lead to? Why…
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Here I am with my travel journal that portrays the world through my eyes. My travel has been not all leisure but blended with work. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy or I didn’t put my heart when at work. Working was harder than the hardest but guys’ party time was at its greatest charm. Catering to the client’s need demanded me at Nice, France. Doesn’t this name…
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